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How to export from Quickbooks Enterprise 2014 to QBO?

By using the following steps, you can export data.

Look under File
Go to Utilities
It says an option of exporting company files to QBO. Click it.


Is it possible to ship from quickbooks online invoices?

Yes, you can ship using quickbooks online. By the steps below, you can know how to ship.

Go to ‘Company Settings’.
Go to ‘Sales Form Entry’
Click ‘Shipping’.

It adds the following fields to your invoice:

Ship To destination
The Ship Date
The carrier name and tracking number
Shipping Charges


How to cancel payrolls in Quickbooks Online?

By implementing the following steps, you can cancel online payrolls.

Make sure that you have paid taxes in order to avoid any issue at the end.
You can pay tax outside the Quickbooks System but it will still be recorded.
Make sure that you have filled all the quarterly forms to avoid any problems afterwards.
Cancel your account in […]


Script error while exporting data from Quickbooks Online

The ‘Script’ error usually occurs because some browsers can hold information that can cause issues. You should probably clear your internet data and web cache by going to your browsers history.


Is Quickbooks Online API compatible?

To be sure that Quickbooks Online is compatible with API, you should be in touch with the Intuit Developer for they may have an answer to your question.


What types of data can be imported in Quickbooks Online?

The list below shows the types of data that can be imported in Quickbooks Online

XML files
RSS feeds (By converting into XML)
RSS feeds (By converting into JSON)


Quickbooks online customers error

By using the following step, you can resolve your issue.

When you click on the Customers/Suppliers page, click on the ‘Sort by’ dropdown box, next to ‘Batch actions’ and select a different sorting criteria to the current one. This should resolve the issue.

The issue occurs due to the sorting method being a ‘sticky setting’, meaning it […]


How can QBO be connected by Visual Basic Code?

You can connect your Quickbooks Online using Visual Basic Code by using the Quickbooks own API code. You can use the API code from https://developer.intuit.com/


Quickbooks Online does not open properly

By using the following steps, your quickbooks online can open properly.

Quit the application if it is running.
Holding Shift key pressed, click on desktop shortcut (Keep the shift key pressed till you see the login page)
Login again with QuickBooks online credentials.

I hope it will resolve your issue.