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Encounter Error 185

A 185 error generally means that your financial institution is requiring more information than we can store. This error is common with certain Multi-Factor Authentication account types. By using the steps below, you can resolve your issue.

Run a manual update.
After the first update is complete, run the manual update again.
After the second update, other updates will take place normally.
This information […]


Error Code 138

Error 138 is caused by some interruptions in scripts.  This error does not have any solution, you should contact support.

From the Banking Transactions screen, click Report Issue within the error message.
Enter your name and email address.
Click Submit.

The support can probably solve your problem.



Error code 101


There is no solution to solving this error. To report this issue, use the following steps.

From the online banking or downloaded transactions screen, or the Home page, click Report issue under the Last Updated column.
Enter your name and email address and click Submit.
You should hear back on your issue within 10 business days.


Quickbooks error code 163

You should log into your bank’s site with that same username and password. Then, you should copy the login link to the search box in Quickbooks Online when looking for your bank. If the error comes up again, it is best to contact support.


How to solve error c=343?

There are many ways in which this error can occur.

Solution 1:

Update your Quickbooks to the latest version.
Try to open QuickBooks.
If you still encounter the error, go to solution 2.

Solution 2:

Register the MSXML.dll files. This will ensure that error c=343 will be solved.


Quickbooks error code 19672 11928

To solve this error, you should follow the steps below.

Suppress your desktop while opening Quickbooks

 Press and hold the Ctrl key.
Double click your QuickBooks program icon.
Hold the Ctrl key until QuickBooks starts and displays the No Company Open window.

Suppress the Desktop While Opening a Company File

Click your company data file in the No Company Open Window.
Press and […]


How to solve error c=224?

Error c=224 is currently being worked upon to find the solution to this error. This is a non-fatal error that should allow you to use the data file normally without any problems. It may take some time to fix this error. Also there is no temporary solution to this type of error.


Error: C=343 when opening QuickBooks

When you open QuickBooks, you receive the following error message:

Filename.dll is not an executable file

Or, when trying to register msxml3.dll or msxml4.dll from the command line of a 64 bit machine:

No registration helper is registered for this file type.

Why this is happening
Your Windows operating system’s Microsoft Core XML Services DLL (MSXML.dll) file is missing, damaged, […]