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How to change an ID in Quickbooks Online?

The below steps will help you to change your ID

Sign in to QuickBooks Online.
Click the ‘Gear’ Icon in the upper right and click ‘Your Account’ at the top right of the screen.
Go to the Personal Info then click the ‘Edit Personal Info’ button.
Scroll down to the Sign in Info section and click Change.
A pop-up window may open, […]


What is the solution if the Quickbooks Online isn’t opening properly?

The below steps will help you with the problem you are facing.

1. Quit the application if it is running.

2. Holding Shift key pressed, click on desktop shortcut (Keep the shift key pressed till you see the login page)

3. Login again with QuickBooks online credentials.


How to find which version of Quickbooks i own?

You can do so by utilizing the following steps

You can login to your QuickBooks account
Click the gear icon on the top right then go to  ‘Your Account’.
Under Subscription Information, you will see the Product version that you have.


How to generate monthly balance sheet info in Quickbook Online?

You can generate a monthly balance sheet info by using the following steps.

You can run the Balance sheet report then click Customise on the top left.
On the Columns dropdown, select Months and then run the report again.
You can set the period so it will only show the months that you require.


How to record journals in QBO self employed version?

You cannot record journals in this version. To do so even with the exception of this version, follow the steps below.

Contact support team for QuickBooks Self-Employed by going to Help beside gear icon.
Type your question and click Send Message.


QBO Sales Tax Past payments don’t show up in the Recent Payments area of the Sales Tax Center

Only payments made in the new Sales Tax Center are shown in the Recent Payments area.  Old payments in the Recent Payments area of the Sales Tax Center

To find your old payments, look under the previous vendor name you set up for your tax agencies.