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Accounts created due to errors when converting from other software

QuickBooks creates the following accounts only if it encounters an accounting issue when converting a company from Peachtree or Microsoft® Small Business Accounting/Office Accounting. These accounts will have no account number.

What do I do with these accounts?

Talk to your accountant for assistance on fixing transactions in these accounts. If you don’t have an accountant, Intuit […]


Convert Peachtree files (overview)

The Peachtree-to-QuickBooks conversion tool lets you directly convert Peachtree data folders to QuickBooks company files. The conversion process copies your Peachtree data to a new QuickBooks company, leaving your original Peachtree data files unchanged.

To do this task

Make sure that you meet the requirements for converting Peachtree files to QuickBooks.

A supported version of QuickBooks must be […]


Employee-related data that gets converted from Peachtree

The QuickBooks Conversion Tool converts most of your employee data, except for Peachtree-specific fields (Position, Birthday, Spouse, Emergency contacts)

The following tables list the employee-related information that will be converted (or not converted).
Employee data that gets converted to QuickBooks

Employee Personal Information

Employee Name
Peachtree’s First, Middle, and Last Name (up to 41 characters).

Print on Checks As
Same as the […]


Troubleshoot Peachtree conversion problems

I receive an error when I try to start the QuickBooks Conversion Tool

Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run the QuickBooks Conversion Tool.
Make sure that Peachtree, QuickBooks, and the QuickBooks Conversion Tool are all installed on the same computer.
Make sure that Peachtree and QuickBooks are not running when you start the […]


What Peachtree data gets converted

The data conversion process will convert most of your Peachtree data to QuickBooks. However, some Peachtree-specific information cannot be converted.

To learn about what data will be converted (and not converted) for different areas, click on the appropriate link below.

Customer and Job lists

The QuickBooks Conversion Tool converts most of your customer and job data, with the […]


Differences between Peachtree and QuickBooks

There are some important differences between QuickBooks and Peachtree that you should be aware of as you begin using QuickBooks. For a more thorough description of any of the information below, refer to the QuickBooks in-product Help.

Names and addresses

Addresses (for companies, customers, vendors, and employees) are entered differently in QuickBooks than they are in Peachtree. […]