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How to Create a autodraft payment for an invoice?

The following steps will help you in creating an autodraft.

After logging into your account, click Processing Tools > Create a Recurring Payment (MSC 1)
Enter an existing or create a new customer.*
Enter a Name for the recurring payment that helps identify what it’s for. Both you and your customer see and use this name to understand the charge.
Set the […]


How to post check without any invoice?

you can make a deposit instead of posting a check. You can do this by using the following steps.

Go to Banking menu
In that menu their is an option named ‘Make Deposit’. Click it.

You can post a check without any invoice.


How to Add an item Column On Invoices in QuickBooks

The steps below can tell you how to add an item column in Quickbooks.

If you see the top right corner, you can see a gear icon located. Click it.
Underneath the settings column, Click on Custom From Styles.
With the help of this task, you can add or change styles.
Click the Activity Table tab to choose from […]