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Export your lists to an IIF file

These are the basic steps to follow when you export your  lists.
How to fix it

Log in to the data file as the Administrator.
Switch to single user (SU) mode.
In the menu bar, select File and then Utilities.
On the sub-menu, select Export, and the Lists to IIF Files.
Put a checkmark next to each of the lists you […]


Export lists to another QuickBooks company

Only the QuickBooks Administrator can do this.
You can export part or all of your company lists to another QuickBooks company. For example, if you work with two different QuickBooks companies, you might want to export a list of vendors you created in the first company to the second company.

Important: This procedure does not export transactions.

To […]


File extensions used in QuickBooks

The following table describes the file extensions that QuickBooks uses for files that it creates, imports, or exports.

File type

QuickBooks form template
QuickBooks provides a variety of templates that you can use for your forms.

Intuit Interchange Format file
You can import and export lists and/or transactions using text files with an .IIF extension.

QuickBooks Network Data File
A configuration file […]