QB Issue Resolution:

You can configure QuickBooks to email invoices, reports, and other transactions. Choose your situation from the options below to use your email service with QuickBooks.


  • To use these options, you need a web mail account or an account with an Internet service provider (ISP). If you are not sure whether AT&T is your ISP, check your bill. Many AT&T email addresses end in domains other than @att.net.
  • In later versions of Quickbooks, the email field is required, even when sending through Microsoft Outlook. The email in the “To” header can be removed once the email has been opened in Outlook.
  • Windows Live Mail: QuickBooks is not designed to email through Windows Live Mail. You can save Invoices, Reports Estimates, Purchase Orders and other forms as a .pdf file. Then you can attach them to an email from any email software that supports attachments.
  • Web Mail support was added in the 2011 versions of QuickBooks for Windows.