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A portable company file is a compact version of your company file containing only financial data, and is small enough to be sent by email or saved to portable media. You can use a portable company file whenever you need to move your company financial data to another location or send it to another person.

What does a portable company file contain?

A portable file contains only your company file financial data. Unlike a backup file, it doesn’t contain related files such as letters, logos, images, and templates. It also doesn’t contain a transaction log (.tlg file), which can be used to restore transaction data with the help of Intuit Technical Support if damage or loss occurs.

How do portable files work?

From your QuickBooks company file, you create a portable company (.qbm) file, copy or send it to another location, and then restore it as a regular company (.qbw) file. The portable file is a compressed version of your company file containing only financial data. When you restore it, QuickBooks first uncompresses the portable file and then rebuilds the company file.

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Things to consider

If the other person will make changes to your company file and then return the file to you, you shouldn’t continue working on your original company file.

If you’re working with your accountant, consider using an Accountant’s copy instead.

When the other person is finished making changes to the company file, they return a portable company (.qbm) file to you, which you open as a QuickBooks company (.qbw) file. You can’t merge changes made by the other person into your existing company file. Instead, you use the new company file in place of your existing one. When you open the new company file, it overwrites your existing company file unless you rename it.

When you give someone a portable file, they need the administrator password in order to return the portable company file to you. This gives the person access to all areas of QuickBooks. The person can enter any type of transaction and can view all existing data; they can also change the administrator password.

Important: If your company file is synced with Intuit online services, follow these guidelines to decide whether a portable company file is the right choice.