QB Issue Resolution:

After you have exported your lists to your desktop (or other location) as IIF files, you need to open these files in Microsoft Excel. edit the files, and then save them again as IIF files.

Detailed Instructions
  1. Open the IIF file you exported from your company file in Excel.
    1. Open Microsoft Excel.
    2. Choose File > Open (if using Excel 2007 choose the Office Button > Open>).
    3. Choose the location where you saved the .IIF file.
    4. Change the file type field in the bottom of the window to All Files.
    5. Choose your IIF file and then click Open.
    6. Click Next > Next > Finish in the Text Import Wizard, the IIF file is now opened in Excel.
  2. Make the necessary edits using Excel.
  3. Save the changes you made to the IIF.
    1. Choose File > Save (if using Excel 2007, choose the Office button > Save).
    2. Click Yes on the prompt that appears.
    3. Exit Excel.
    4. You will be prompted to save the IIF file again, click Don’t Save.
  4. You are now ready to import the edited IIF to your company file.