QB Issue Resolution:

There are various methods to combine two (or more) Quickbooks data files into a single Quickbooks file. You can do it yourself using Karl Irvin’s Q2Q tool (http://www.q2q.us/) or use a File Merge Service (http://quickbooksrepairpro.com/Quickbooks-File-Merge-Service.aspx).

The data transfer tool lets you transfer list and transaction data from one QuickBooks file to the second QuickBooks file. QuickBooks files are opened and closed automatically by the Transfer Utility. It is a simple tool, but it is not so simple if you need to transfer a number of transaction types and link them correctly.

The QuickbooksRepairPro.com File Merge Service will combine two files into a single file accurately and quickly. You will need to create backups of the two files and specify the source file and the destination file, The service will merge the file and run an audit before returning back the converted files.