QB Issue Resolution:

A 185 error generally means that your financial institution is requiring more information than we can store. This error is common with certain Multi-Factor Authentication account types. By using the steps below, you can resolve your issue.

  • Run a manual update.
  • After the first update is complete, run the manual update again.
  • After the second update, other updates will take place normally.
  • This information for the additional information is stored in a cookie, which could expire anytime from a few days to not at all.
  • If the cookies expire, you’ll see error 185 again on the automatic updates. Simply follow the steps to run the manual updates twice in a row to reset this cookie.
  • If you’re asked to answer the security question on the second manual update, then the automatic updates won’t work for this financial institution; you’ll need to run manual updates for this bank and answer the security question each time.

If this error still persists, you should contact support.