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QBO | We’re sorry, but we can’t export your data

We couldn’t move your company data
We’re sorry, but we can’t export your data
Unfortunately, we encountered an error uploading your data to QuickBooks Online.
Please contact support  if you have any questions.

Error: Before you can import this data, you must sign in to QBO and delete all employees.


How to Purge QBO data?

Purge Company / Reset Account


Namelist-Rebuild: How to fix the issue of Missing Names in Quickbooks?

The Quickbooks Names list stores the lists of Names in Quickbooks such as Customers, Vendors, Items, Employees, and Other names. The List limits for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows are a total of 14,500 with individual limits for each list at 10,500. See Quickbooks List Limits for details.

When Quickbooks encounters corruption in the data file, it […]


Reduce Quickbooks Target Count to less than 350,000

Targets of a QB transaction provides information about the transaction and includes the target accounts, target names, target memos, target amounts, etc. Migrating data to QBO only allows Quickbooks files with less than 350,000 targets to be migrated. If your data file has more than 350,000 targets, you will need to reduce the target count […]


Ho to fix the Quickbooks Missing name list problem?

The Quickbooks missing names list can be resolved by one of the options below:

1. Restore a previous backup.

2. Quickbooks File Doctor: Run the Quickbooks File Doctor to repair this issue.

3. Namelist-Rebuild Repair Services:

Quickbooks Repair Service

Quickbooks Data Recovery Service

Quickbooks Lists Missing


How to migrate from Xero to Quickbooks with transaction history?

A Xero to Quickbooks data migration service will convert all lists and transactional data from Xero to Quickbooks. Data can be migrated to Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Mac, Accountant, Enterprise or Quickbooks Online.

Xero to Quickbooks Data Migration


How to convert from Netsuite to Quickbooks with transaction history?

To convert from NetSuite to Quickbooks, there are a number of third-party service providers that will convert the data with full transactional history.

NetSuite to Quickbooks Conversion
NetSuite to Quickbooks Canada


How to SuperCondense a Quickbooks file?

A Quickbooks SuperCondense is an enhanced condense for stubborn files that won’t condense or if an international version of Quickbooks no longer offer that feature. The options to Super Condense a Quickbooks data file are below:

– Quickbooks Super Condense
– SuperCondense for Quickbooks US, UK, and Canada


How to get online in Quickbooks using mobile?

To be online in Quickbooks using your mobile phone, you should be sure of the application you have on your mobile. You should have the Quickbooks Online Mobile Application to be online using your mobile phone.


How to find which version of Quickbooks someone owns?

By using the following steps, you can find the current version of Quickbooks you are using.

At the right upper corner, click the ‘Gear’ icon.
Under ‘Your Company’, click ‘Your Account’.
Under Billing Info, you’ll able to see ‘Product Version’.