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Maximum numbers of list items and transactions limit customers items vendors employees accounts

QuickBooks can handle transaction volume for most small- to medium-size businesses. However, there are certain limitations.

To maintain the performance of your system, lists in QuickBooks can have only a certain number of items in them.

How to find out how close you are to the maximums

The total numbers of customers, items, and names in your company […]


Import an IIF file into your QuickBooks data file

IIF files enable you to import lists and transactions into your company file.
Detailed instructions
Before you import transactions:

Since you cannot undo an import, you must backup your company file before proceeding.
Before importing transactions, you need to set up Accounts, Items, Names and Sales Tax Items and Names. You can do this on one of two ways.

You can […]


Export your lists to an IIF file

These are the basic steps to follow when you export your  lists.
How to fix it

Log in to the data file as the Administrator.
Switch to single user (SU) mode.
In the menu bar, select File and then Utilities.
On the sub-menu, select Export, and the Lists to IIF Files.
Put a checkmark next to each of the lists you […]


Importing transactions to QuickBooks

You can import transactions to QuickBooks, provided that the transaction data is in a text file that conforms to QuickBooks import file format. This is a tab- or comma-delimited text file in which the transaction data appears in columns. Special keywords identify the beginning and end of each transaction and provide headings that indicate the […]


Creating an import file

If you’ve been using another financial software product, and you’d like to import information from that product into QuickBooks, you can do so if the product allows you to export to a spreadsheet or text file.

This topic describes how to format information in a spreadsheet and save it as an import (IIF) file that QuickBooks […]


Quickbooks Conversion Tool does not support the version of PeachTree you’ve chosen.

Error Message: The QuickBooks Conversion Tool does not support the version of PeachTree you’ve chosen.

The Intuit Conversion tool only works with Peachtree/Sage 2001-2011. It does not work with Peachtree 2012 or Sage 50 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016. The workaround for the conversion is to use a Peachtree to QuickBooks Conversion Service:

Peachtree/Sage 50 to QuickBooks […]


Importing data from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online


QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2012 or later (Beanstalk):

Open QuickBooks desktop.
From the Help menu, choose Update QuickBooks.
Select all updates in the Update Now window.
Click Get Updates to download.
When update is complete – click Close.
Click File > Exit
Start QuickBooks again and install the updates – don’t choose the option for installing later.
In desktop – click Company menu and […]


Conversion from Sage BusinessWorks to Quickbooks

The Sage Group plc, more commonly known as Sage, is a British enterprise software developer, based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. It is the world’s third largest supplier of ERP software after Oracle and SAP. It has more than 6 million customers worldwide.

Sage BusinessWorks Accounting is an accounting management tool with robust, easy-to-use […]