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How to SuperCondense a Quickbooks file?

A Quickbooks SuperCondense is an enhanced condense for stubborn files that won’t condense or if an international version of Quickbooks no longer offer that feature. The options to Super Condense a Quickbooks data file are below:

– Quickbooks Super Condense
– SuperCondense for Quickbooks US, UK, and Canada


How to export from Quickbooks Enterprise 2014 to QBO?

By using the following steps, you can export data.

Look under File
Go to Utilities
It says an option of exporting company files to QBO. Click it.


Transfer files from Quickbooks Online to desktop Quickbooks

You can do this by creating an import in the Quickbooks online by exporting all the data. After you have generated the import, make sure that you have selected the correct version to which you want to import to. This way, it will ensure the integrity of data and you will not lose any data […]


How to change deposits to expenses in Quickbooks when data was downloaded?

To change your deposits into expenses, you can utilize the following steps.

At the right side menu, click Transactions.
Select Banking.
Under Banking and Credit Cards window, click the downloaded transaction.
Click the Category box and select the Expense account.
Select an option if you want to Add, Find Match, or Transfer the transaction.
Click the Add, Find Match, or Transfer […]


How to track expenses in department with different classes during export?

To track expenses for different class for reporting to a Grant agency, you have Job Tracking (every details is assigned as that Customer name) & you also have Class, as the additional cross-reference to track expenses in different department in variety of classes


Can existing data files be imported in Quickbooks Online accountant?

Yes you can import your existing data into Quickbooks Online Accountant. You can use the following steps to import data in Quickbooks Online Accountant.

Go to Quickbooks and click on ‘Company’.
Then an option saying ‘Export Company File to QB Online’ will come and you should click it.

But you must clean your Quickbooks first in order to […]


How can we export from QuickBooks 2011 to QuickBooks Online?

You can export data from Quickbooks 2011 to Quickbooks Online by using the following steps

Open your QuickBooks Desktop.
Click Company. In comapny you will find an option named ‘Export Company File to QuickBooks Online’. Click it
If you do not see this option, please use the following steps to update Quickbooks Desktop:
Click Help and from their you can […]


Can estimates and sale orders be imported in Quickbooks Online?

No, you cannot import estimates and sale orders from Quickbooks Desktop to the Online Version because of the following two reasons.

Your QuickBooks desktop edition Estimates are cannot be converted to QuickBooks Online
Sales Orders feature currently does not exist in QuickBooks Online.


How to export data from Quickbooks desktop 2010 to Quickbooks Online?

By following the steps below, they can learn how to export their data to other quickbooks version.

At the upper left corner you will find a tab named as ‘File’. Click it.
Inside the ‘File’ tab, you will find another tab with ‘Utilities’ written on it. Click on it.
Inside this tab, you will clearly see an option […]


How to convert from NetSuite to Quickbooks?

Converting from NetSuite to Quickbooks is not a trivial process but is by no means impossible. Most of the NetSuite transaction types are supported by Quickbooks with the exception of a few transaction types (mainly amortization schedules and revenue schedules). Also Quickbooks does not allow payroll to be imported and so payroll is converted as Journal […]