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How to get online in Quickbooks using mobile?

To be online in Quickbooks using your mobile phone, you should be sure of the application you have on your mobile. You should have the Quickbooks Online Mobile Application to be online using your mobile phone.


How to find which version of Quickbooks someone owns?

By using the following steps, you can find the current version of Quickbooks you are using.

At the right upper corner, click the ‘Gear’ icon.
Under ‘Your Company’, click ‘Your Account’.
Under Billing Info, you’ll able to see ‘Product Version’.


Will it affect future balance if i found a delayed charge and want to delete it?

Delayed Charge is non-posting type entry to the ledger until you apply it on an invoice. If you haven’t converted it as an invoice then it should not affect forward balances.


How to change password of an Online ID?

By using the following steps, you can change a password of an Online ID.

Sign in to QuickBooks Online.
Click the Gear Icon
Click Your Account at the top of the screen.
Go to the Personal Info section and click the blue Edit Personal Info button.
Scroll down to the Sign in Info section and click Change.
A pop-up window may open, click Continue and sign […]


How do i record tips added to checks by clients in quickbooks?

Add a line for Tips to the invoice or create a separate invoice for the tip. This will probably help you to record tips added to checks by cilents.


How to clear Web cache in Internet Explorer?

To delete temporary internet files in Internet Explorer

Click the gear icon at the top right of the browser window.
Select Safety.
Click Delete browsing history.
Uncheck Preserve Favorites website data.
Click to mark Temporary Internet Files, then click Delete.
Click OK.
Close all open Internet Explorer windows, restart the browser, go to the sign-in page for QuickBooks Online and try again.



Unable to create a new custom template

This problem might be caused by the gathering of unnecessary Internet Cache. To remove Internet Cache, follow the below steps.

Click the menu icon (looks like three lines) in the upper-right corner and select History.
Click Clear browsing data.
Use the Obliterate the following items from drop-down arrow to select the beginning of time.
Click to select Cached images and files.
Click […]


How to Create a autodraft payment for an invoice?

The following steps will help you in creating an autodraft.

After logging into your account, click Processing Tools > Create a Recurring Payment (MSC 1)
Enter an existing or create a new customer.*
Enter a Name for the recurring payment that helps identify what it’s for. Both you and your customer see and use this name to understand the charge.
Set the […]